Florida Winery



Florida Winery on Google Maps

No trip to Mark Twain Lake is complete without a visit to the Florida Resort and Winery.  Florida Missouri is known for being the birthplace of Mark Twain.  You can get to the winery by car or boat.  We like to park the boat in the cove and walk up the hill for a bottle of wine or a nice cold wine slushy (which is awesome on a hot summer day).

Check out their music schedule here: Florida Winery Entertainment

From their web site:

“The Florida Vineyard is a little under an acre and was created in April of 2013.  The Hagan Family teamed up to plant over 600 vines in 4 days.  Teeth chattered in the cold rain that descended upon them as they worked long hours to complete the task.  Hagan-Binder Landscape Design lead them through the final vine being planted.  A joyous celebration of their efforts ensued afterwards.  The celebrated grapes that were planted included Cabernet Franc, Treminette, Vignoles, and Chambourcin.”


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